Promotion Strategies II

Nescafe is an aim of advertising campaign, this is a persuasive advertising. Therefore, Nescafe is an advertising appeal, this is an emotion aspect.

Brand name of the advertising
A significant Nescafe show to consumer in the many style such as, Warm of love; Advertising represent to love which show of the actor in the short movie about 1 – 1.5 minute. Each advertisement of Nescafe build impression of consumer so, this brand can live in mind of consumer. Until in the present Nescafe can be top 10 of the world. Nescafe get the popular in the worker and teenager. A most of consumer Nescafe coffee which show to be famous it.

Promotion Strategies

Advertising Campaigns
  • Television

  • Newspapers

  • Internet

  • Public relation activity

  • Public relation at selling point

  • Etc.

    The distinctive point of advertising was TV which is special in the movie style and music marketing strategy

Pull strategy is strategy of Promotion which pull the consumer to buy the product.

Product Strategies

Significant branding

A significant branding strategy of Nescafe combine to top of mind in the consumer, besides it use a White alphabet to show a freshly in the morning. This brand can build a brand value. It means that people can get memory this brand all the time, especially when we are shoping in the shop or department store.

Slogan ; What good…Begin to … Nescafe

(Nescafe in Thailand)

All morning when you wake up, you could drink your favorite coffee. That is Nescafe coffee. You could get it in the kitchen. It is hot beverage. Taste of coffee and smell of coffee when you got it in the morning. It add you a power.

Key sucessful factors related to the product

Nescafe which be Nestle’s product, Nescafe enter to be a leader of coffee until to be successful into branding, and become a global brand. Nescafe is continually the market as Thailand and other country. There are new coffee products to enter the market continually, although the general day and special day such as, Valentines Day. Nescafe got the activities “Nescafe Perfect Cup Perfect Harmony” to customers. A most of the activities was Brand awareness and Brand image thought out making loyal in the Brand image.

Positioning/Unique Selling Point (USP)


1 coffee cup 1 good feeling with Nescafe, all people have known to brand in the verities character such as, to pass love between two person, red cup, hug, happiness, co-workers, and or so. This whole happed on Nescafe strategy. Therefor, when you think Nescafe you will think the coffee cup. "Nescafe mug" red cup was populare.

represent of love

Target groups

Nescafe is to target the morning person which be 24 upper people as well, which effect to high growing.

Product line

Nescafe Red cup espresso root Nescafe Protect

Nescafe gold
Nescafe Protect Proslim
Nescafe RED

Nescafe Red Cub

Nescafe 3 in 1


Journal 4 ; Know a production, need to know advertisement

Know a product, need to know advertisement.
A product that you like you need to have a media for persuasive.
You need to understand in a product.
Producer need to understand the customers.
Every thing involve together.
Promotion strategy are pull strategy and push strategy.

a both strategy can support the customers.
The customers can see the product on TV,
newspaper,Internet and or so.
Prmotion strategy is a importance factor for Producer.
For the customer buy the product and brand awareness.


Journal 3; Basic needs

No one don’t need every thing.
Needs of people is different.
Someone would like to get a new car.
Someone would like to get a new cloth.
Someone would like to get a new house.
Someone would like to get many things.
Every thing depend on money.
Everything depend on status.
Everything depend on duty.
But everything depend on your heart.

Maslow told to needs which the basic factor.
Everyone have the same theory.
Maslow’s theory told to Marketing concept.
It happens on us,
Which be consumer needs.


Journal 2; Power to working

I came to the class, it was very fun. I thought the teacher was funny. She tried to find the joke for the student which was happy in class. For style of teachering, the student could joined with her. She reviewed the marketing mix (4p) stratege. I used to leaned and I was forgeting, but when she reviewed I can understood again. Now I had duty to made and develop my blog, and analysis the Nokia product. This was my assignment.

Journal 1; Aim to busines

For starting the class, I remembered that the teacher suggested about the course objective and goals which it may reflect to subject that we learned. The English for International Trade focused to trading, management, business and marketing. Everyone can be businessmen or business women in the present. The teacher made interesting in the student for use English in the class. A most of part, the teacher suggested the detail of business. The student can do the blog which can design to follow the talent of them. The teacher planed about the blog which to involve with global business and to analyze the product or goods that it is famous in the present. However, the goods should be interested by the student.
In my opinion, the method of the teacher was interesting, because it was a new method for teaching. The student can develop this subject to English communication in international business.